About Us

A bit about us. The Potters Crouch Family

We started PCC back in the late 1980’s with a dream to make luxury fine fragrance affordable for all without skimping on quality, as we believe you deserve the best.

It started with a problem, then a eureka moment, a spare room and a passion to create something just lovely for you! That was decades ago and there is a bit more to it these days, but we make sure that what goes out the door has as much care, love and attention that the very first candle had all those years ago.

We are proud that we make you happy.

Ever since we started we receive all sorts of happy messages from you about how great our fragrances really are. From those of you who couldn’t use other brands because they gave you a headache and thought you wouldn’t be able to use a scented candle again; to those of you who gifted the perfect scent to a relative or friend for a birthday or wedding and called to let us know that they loved it. All these things keep us doing what we are doing for you.

It's what we don't put in that counts!

  • No Soy Allergens

    This is a controversial area which people don’t like to talk about as soy can be thought of as a miracle plant. Growing of soybeans has a huge impact on biodiversity, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s now second biggest cause of deforestation. Soy wax is not organic; the process to convert a soybean into a wax involves the use of nickel and hydrochloric acid. So at the moment we choose not to use soy wax until its environmental impact improves.

  • Vegan Friendly

    Historically, perfume used to contain animal secretions and animal fats. Nowadays it is possible to create a natural copy of a ‘scent’ so we don’t need the help of a Beaver to create a vanilla fragrance! We don’t use beeswax in our products as this is what bees use to store their honey and house their young. Without pollination from bees we couldn’t bring you our lovely fragrances.

  • Cruelty Free

    We take great care to make sure all the ingredients we use are not tested on animals and don't negatively impact the lives of animals. We will not work with any organisation that uses animal testing and we do not ship our products to countries who still insist on animal testing.

  • No Palm Oil

    We try hard not to use palm oil in our products and have no products with it in at present. If we absolutely can’t avoid it we may use a tiny amount of CSPO or RSPO certified sustainable palm oil grown by independent farmers. This does not contribute to deforestation or the loss of wildlife habitats but helps to support the farmers and their families.

  • No GMO

    We believe that not enough is known about GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products yet and their long-term environmental effects. So for now we will steer clear of them until we know that they have no detrimental effects towards the environment.

So what does go in?

Our fragrances are made with nature derived plant extracts, organic herbs and spices, essential oils and absolutes. All the plant and fruit-based ingredients are sustainably grown, sourced and cruelty free. We do not use any plant matter that is endangered or protected.  Our waxes are blends which consist of various plant based ingredients, sustainably grown and sourced and are cruelty free.

Sometimes we may need to use a solvent in our diffusers and perfumes to be able to blend them together and those solvents are made from plant based ingredients.