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Fed up with candles that only smell for the first few hours? Frustrated by candles that just burn down the middle? Disappointed by candles that give you a ‘chemical’ headache? Tired of buying expensive candles which don’t deliver what they promise?

So are we!  Which is why when you buy a candle from us you can be sure it will smell as strongly from start to finish; won’t waste wax by burning down the middle; won’t give you a nasty ‘chemical’ headache and won’t break the bank at only £10.99 each… or 21 pence per hour. We want to show you what superior quality fragrance, 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly candles look and smell like. Find out more and solve all your candle woes by clicking below.

Seven amazing new scents that will make you feel great!

Our Wellness candles have been carefully created to make you feel calm, peace or energised. Improve your sense of clarity, mental strength and uplift you. If you want to improve your wellbeing click the shop now button below to explore the range and start your wellness journey today!

Violet, Sandalwood & Orris Root

Vanilla, Oud & Jasmine

Sandalwood, Mint & Peppercorn

Juniper, Lemon & Kaffir Lime

Grapefruit, Cedar & Musk

Fern, Geranium & Hawthorn

Artemisia, Vetiver & Ginger

Put your feet up and enjoy.
We’ve done the hard work so you
don’t have to. Lovely!

It’s what we don’t put in that counts!

Who knew being so kind to the environment could smell so lovely!

No soy allergens

Vegan friendly

Cruelty free

No palm oil

No GMO waxes

The lovely products our customers simply can’t live without xxx

Whether you’re a candle, diffuser or wax melt kind of person – we have got you covered!

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So pleased to have found Potters Crouch Candles. I won’t be buying candles from anywhere else now

Laura, Norfolk

I am totally obsessed with your candles. Even though I love Gardenia, each new one I light becomes my new favourite

Steph, Edinburgh

Your candles are always really good quality and I love the range of scents. Your prices are also very good. I would recommend you to anyone. I will definitely be buying from you always

Danielle, Somerset

Since we moved to Hong Kong with work, I have tried many candles … I am just going to have to pay the cost of shipping yours – there nothing nearly as good.

Caroline, Hong Kong

I have just bought one of your candles called ‘Fireside’. It smells incredible and has permeated the whole of my downstairs! I buy a lot of candles but have never, ever, had the pleasure of such a truly wonderful scented candle. Thank you so much, a real winner!

Penny, Maidstone

We were on holiday in Devon and we bought fireside diffuser. We are big on diffusers and this one is without doubt the best we have ever had.

Amy, West Sussex