• CHEER - Blackcurrant, Goji & Plum

      Wild blackcurrants for a sense of optimism and positivity. Blended with Goji berries for a sense of contentment and plums to help boost serotonin.

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    • CALM - Vanilla, Oud & Jasmine

      Vanilla, musk, oud & patchouli combine beautifully to ease tension and clam emotions. With revitalizing and anti-inflammatory notes of pineapple, blackcurrant and apple you'll be relaxed and stress free in no time.

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    • UPLIFT - Juniper, Lemon & Kaffir Lime

      Fragrant and uplifting notes of juniper berries, yuzu fruit & sweet orange merged with therapeutic kaffir limes, amayris & lemon to uplift and brighten your mood.

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    • Spice Things Up

    • For Energy

    • For Relaxation

    • Aromatic notes of French lilac with a dash of sweet William. A clean and comforting fragrance.

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    • No Soy

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Cruelty Free

    • No Palm Oil

    • No GMO Waxes

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