African Spice Room Spray


Berbere & Harissa spices with saffron & warm woody notes reminiscent of walking through a Moroccan Souk. This fragrance will calm and sooth a worried mind. Contains 100ml of fragrant mist.

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This warm spicy fragrance has a blend of around twenty five essential oils and absolutes all expertly blended together to bring you a fragrance reminiscent of walking through a Moroccan Souk.

Egyptian Jasmine – to ease nervous tension and depression. Sri Lankan Lemongrass – to ease headaches and give you a lift. Indonesian Sandalwood – to help calm and relax a worried mind. French Lavender – to help nervous tension, insomnia and migraines. Italian Bergamot – to release tension, stress and it’s anti depressant properties. Orange and Lemon Oils – to help ease anxiety and nervous conditions. Basil – to aid fatigue and concentration.

With over 800 spritzes in this 100ml room spray it will keep your room smelling beautiful for months to come.  Just one or two spritzes at a time is all you need!

Vegan friendly & cruelty free.


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