We care about what goes in as much as what doesn’t

We believe education and adapting are the keys…

We are not saying our products are perfect, but we endeavor to make them as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible so you can be happy with your purchase. Whilst we use as much natural raw ingredient as possible where that ingredient is protected or endangered such as sandalwood, we substitute this by blending other fragrant oils together to create a sandalwood note – it’s a bit like mixing yellow and blue to make pink, its magic!

It’s what we don’t put in that counts!

No soy allergens

This is a controversial area which people don’t like to talk about as they think soy is a miracle plant. Growing of soybeans has a huge impact on biodiversity, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s now the biggest cause of deforestation and the conversion rate of native land to agricultural land continues at an alarming rate.  There are several myths surrounding soy wax and one is that it’s organic, sadly it is not.  The process to convert a soybean into a wax involves the use of nickel and hydrochloric acid and it then also becomes an allergen and it is at the top of the national allergens register. So at the moment we choose not to use soy wax until its environmental impact improves.

Who knew being kind to the environment could smell so lovely!

Vegan friendly

Historically perfume used to contain animal secretions and many waxes were made from animal fats still used in some countries today. We feel it is not necessary in this day and age as with the advances in technology it is possible to create a natural copy of a ‘scent’ so we don’t need the help of a Beavers vanilla smelling butt thank you!  We don’t use beeswax in our products as this is what bees use to store their honey and house their young so we’d rather not disturb them as without bees we couldn’t bring you our lovely fragrances, we like to think of bees as being little tiny perfumers.

Cruelty free

We take great care to make sure all the ingredients we use are not tested on animals or negatively impact the lives of animals. We will not work with any organisation that uses animal testing and we do not ship our products to countries who still insist on animal testing.

No palm oil

We try hard not to use palm oil in our products and have no products with it in at present. If we absolutely can’t avoid it we may use a tiny amount of CSPO or RSPO certified sustainable palm oil grown by independent farmers. This does not contribute to deforestation or the loss of wildlife habitats but helps to support the farmers and their families and educate people about the problem with non-sustainable palm.

Hell no…No GMO

We believe that not enough is known about GMO products yet and their long-term environmental effects, so for now we will steer clear of them until we are told with absolute certainty, they have no detrimental effects on the environment.

So what does go in?…

All the good stuff

So,  that’s what we don’t put in but what exactly do we put in our products? When it comes to our fragrances, they are made with natural plant extracts, organic herbs, spices and flowers and essential oils and we sometimes also use plant-based solvents made from grains or potatoes etc. All the plant and fruit-based ingredients are sustainably grown and sourced. We do not use any plant matter that is endangered.  When it comes to our waxes our unique and secret blend is made from a mixture of naturally occurring sustainable mineral waxes and plant based waxes and sometimes the tiniest amount of medical grade edible paraffin wax. Medical grade paraffin wax isn’t your typical wax, it is the cleanest wax available, is hypoallergenic and used in medicines, treatments, equipment, and food. It is fully refined; this means all the oil has been removed so it is clean and safe burning. Is it a perfect solution? Probably not! But then is any wax perfect? Again probably not, but we believe at present this is the best wax solution available for all the above reasons.