Hi! It’s nice to meet you.

This is us. The Potters Crouch family

We’ve made it our mission to provide scents that cover all corners of everyday life.
We’ve all been there wanting to set the mood for a night in or something with enough power to cover that ‘what is that smell!’ smell. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

It all started with a problem, the eureka moment, a spare room and a passion to create something just….lovely! That was over 20 years ago now. There is a bit more to it these days, but we make sure that every product to go out the door has had as much care, love and attention that the very first candle had all those years ago.

We’re made up of a small team of 11 based in a converted barn within the rolling hills of Hertfordshire’s countryside. We have a onsite shop which you can come and purchase from or if you just fancy a chat, the kettle is never long boiled!

How our story started

Where it all began

Local lass Louise receives a scented candle as a gift from a friend in the US. She decides she likes it so much she wants another so she scours the UK for one. Comes up with nothing but blank and confused looks from gift shop owners…scented candles in tins? Are you mad!


Unable to source any in the UK and spotting a gap in the market Louise decides to import them. But later that day whilst enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath with her Snoopy soap on a rope Louise has a eureka moment. I won’t import them…I’ll make them!
And so it begins…


Testing took place in her kitchen and then the garden shed. It was messy and took a long time. It showed a tin gave a better throw than glass, some waxes and wicks worked better than others and some didn’t work at all. But what about the fragrance? Everyone knows the best fragrances come from France but you can’t just rock up to a perfumery and ask for some perfume so Louise needed to find an expert.

yellow pages

But where do you find a perfumer? There was no internet back then. But what there was is the Yellow Pages (you may need to ask your parents what this is if you were born after the millennium). So Louise let her fingers do the walking and boom!… She found one of the UK’s most respected and knowledgeable perfumers and as fate would have it he lived in the village next door.

flying candle

After months and months of testing with our perfumer, Louise was finally ready to launch our first scented candle in a tin. The fragrance was Gardenia & Tuberose and it flew out the door and all these years later it is still one of our top ten fragrances. By now the company needed more space and moved into a room above some stables. The owner said her stables and horses had never smelt so good.


More fragrances were added and the candles became an instant hit and such was the demand the company needed even bigger premises and Louise had just the place in mind. A derelict 400 year old barn on an old dairy farm…really? Yes really! The mere fact it was derelict did not phase Louise she set about restoring it complete with bat holes, access for barn owls, places for swallows to nest and nice comfy beds for the resident barn cats.

potters crouch product range

We remain on that same farm today but since then we have expanded our range to include room mists, reed diffusers, scented candles in tins and glass, wax melts and tea lights with retailers stocking our products in hundreds of independent shops all over the world. We no longer have a cat but we have two dogs Henry and Tilly, a snail called Brian and a Shrew called Wilbur.

Let us introduce ourselves



David has a story & anecdote for every occasion and if you work with David long enough, you’ll get to hear them all…and hear them all again!

Loves falling asleep whilst listening to the cricket and gets itchy feet if he is stuck in the office for too long. He is our sales maestro and looks after all our retailers. He also does all the boring bits like VAT booo! You can bribe David with anything sweet…he is Scottish after all!



Has the messiest workspace in the company but knows where everything is. She’s never thinking what you’re thinking as her brain is wired differently.

Prefers paper to digital and doesn’t read emails. Loves daydreaming and writing short stories when she should be developing new products and maintaining the website. Has a memory worse than a goldfish and is frequently heard saying… ‘oh crap was that today?’.



Lauren is our ‘List Girl’, she even has a list for her lists! Along with stationery for every occasion and an unhealthy addiction to post-it notes.

Will do anything for a bourbon biscuit. It’s Lauren’s job to make everything run like clockwork from ordering perfume to unloading deliveries Laurens your man. So, if it all goes pear shaped its Laurens fault…even when it’s not.



The Queen of Clean! Jenny loves a tidy up and throwing things away including stuff you’re using at the time!

Loves David Bowie and wearing slippers. Spends most of her day up to her elbows in wax making candles and melts. Her least favourite job is pouring thousands of tea lights. For Jenny if the day has a Y in it it’s a cake day.



I can’t find my glasses and can’t see to find them. Work mum to all our waifs and strays.

Trisha is our main shipping bod and picks and packs your orders. She is the fastest labeller in the west, likes to organise things and make sure things are put away and vacuumed! Most likely person to throw her underwear at a Tom Jones concert.



I’m not coming in because I am still in bed, unless there’s lots of Haribo then I might come in later.

Mikes our go-to-guy as he knows how to do everything having been with us the longest. He is good at solving problems and working things out, unless they include tidying the kitchen! Then he doesn’t know how to make washing up water.



If it’s pre 2000 Luke’s never heard of it and it’s really old. He drives a car the colour of a banana.

Likes to do everything just right and nothing is too much trouble. He is Trisha’s main competitor for fastest labeller. He hangs out in the shipping area distracting others and can be frequently heard giggling. Likes chocolate a lot and favourite expression is ‘no way, really?’.



New kid on the block so still enjoys working here.

Not been here long enough to get much dirt on her yet but working on it. Can frequently be found standing out in the rain waiting for a bus, we think she’s a secret bus spotter. Bit of an eighty’s girl at heart… tbc.



He always brings cakes …need we say more!

Very arty and everything he does is done with total accuracy and precision putting the rest of us to shame. Very intelligent so don’t try and outsmart him! George’s ethos is be kind to others and eat doughnuts. Doughnuts are the king of cakes and the world would be a happier place with more doughnuts.



Fiesty Amy – aka Faimy. Don’t forget to put your 50p in the pot for your coffee… financial silent assassin.

She used to send the Krays round if you didn’t pay your bill, but they weren’t hard enough, so she does it herself now. Spoil sport of the company and tells us what we can’t spend money on. Eats healthy stuff, enjoys knitting and is secretly collecting cats ready for her retirement.



Perfect nails, silly shoes and Prosecco. Great at her job but will use any excuse to skive off early.

Fast and accurate unless she sneezes. Will have her candles poured before you’ve even tied your piny on. Prone to fits of giggles, loves Strictly and the Jungle one and is the only person who knows who all the contestants are. Loves Liverpool FC but dislikes ice cream – weirdo! Currently on maternity leave being a ‘lady who lunches’.