Hi! It’s nice to meet you.

A bit about us. The Potters Crouch family

We started PCC back in the late 1980’s with a dream to make luxury fine fragrance affordable for all without skimping on quality, as we believe you deserve the best.

It started with a problem, then a eureka moment, a spare room and a passion to create something just….lovely for you! That was decades ago and there is a bit more to it these days, but we make sure that what goes out the door has as much care, love and attention that the very first candle had all those years ago.

We are proud that we make you happy.

You have purchased over a million candles from us since our humble beginnings and every week we receive all sorts of happy messages from you about how great our fragrances really are. From those of you who couldn’t use other brands because they gave you a headache and thought you wouldn’t be able to use a scented candle again; to those of you who gifted the perfect scent to a relative or friend for a birthday or wedding and called to let us know that they loved it. All these things keep us doing what we are doing for you.

A beautiful environment keeps us in touch with nature which helps us bring you even better products.

We make your candles in a barn on an old dairy farm which is around 500 years old. It was derelict when we first found it and rebuilt to preserve it for future generations. It is surrounded by the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside and rolling hills. With a view of the lambs and calves in the fields to a car park full of pheasants, quails, parakeets and so many British wild birds we couldn’t be in a better environment to do what we do for you.

It takes a team of eleven to make your candles.

We come from all walks of life here, from a retired hairdresser, a retired plumber, law graduate, trainee doctor, travelling salesman for a large supermarket chain – our skill and knowledge is as diverse as the fragrances we make. But the one thing we all have in common is a passion for what we do and the desire to bring you the best products and customer service possible.

Pop in for a cuppa sometime!

If you are ever passing this way and want to see how your candles are made just let us know and we will get your favourite biccies in and pop the kettle on. See you soon!

How our story started

Where it all began

Local lass Louise receives a scented candle as a gift from a friend in the US. She decides she likes it so much she wants another so she scours the UK for one. Comes up with nothing but blank and confused looks from gift shop owners…scented candles in tins? Are you mad!


Unable to source any in the UK and spotting a gap in the market Louise decides to import them. But later that day whilst enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath with her Snoopy soap on a rope Louise has a eureka moment. I won’t import them…I’ll make them!
And so it begins…


Testing took place in her kitchen and then the garden shed. It was messy and took a long time. It showed a tin gave a better throw than glass, some waxes and wicks worked better than others and some didn’t work at all. But what about the fragrance? Everyone knows the best fragrances come from France but you can’t just rock up to a perfumery and ask for some perfume so Louise needed to find an expert.

yellow pages

But where do you find a perfumer? There was no internet back then. But what there was is the Yellow Pages (you may need to ask your parents what this is if you were born after the millennium). So Louise let her fingers do the walking and boom!… She found one of the UK’s most respected and knowledgeable perfumers and as fate would have it he lived in the village next door.

flying candle

After months and months of testing with our perfumer, Louise was finally ready to launch our first scented candle in a tin. The fragrance was Gardenia & Tuberose and it flew out the door and all these years later it is still one of our top ten fragrances. By now the company needed more space and moved into a room above some stables. The owner said her stables and horses had never smelt so good.


More fragrances were added and the candles became an instant hit and such was the demand the company needed even bigger premises and Louise had just the place in mind. A derelict 400 year old barn on an old dairy farm…really? Yes really! The mere fact it was derelict did not phase Louise she set about restoring it complete with bat holes, access for barn owls, places for swallows to nest and nice comfy beds for the resident barn cats.

potters crouch product range

We remain on that same farm today but since then we have expanded our range to include room mists, reed diffusers, scented candles in tins and glass, wax melts and tea lights with retailers stocking our products in hundreds of independent shops all over the world. We no longer have a cat but we have two dogs Henry and Tilly, a snail called Brian and a Shrew called Wilbur.